Additional Supplies to Add for Emergency Preparation

Water, non-perishable food and first aid kits are essential, but there are additional supplies to add for emergency preparation. As Hurricane Florence pounded North Carolina in September, residents scrambled to evacuate or hunker down until the waters recede, winds subside and the coast was clear. Ahead of the disaster, local stores were inundated by people buying water, canned goods, and batteries. FEMA recommends keeping on hand a three-day supply of drinking water, nonperishable food and first aid kits, among other things. You can find a list of basic preparedness items here from the Department of Homeland Security and how to build a kit.

But once the basic supplies are covered, there are other items you might want to put on the list that can help you reduce the impact of the disaster. Even though local and disaster-relief organizations will go to great lengths to assist you, you should be ready to be self- sufficient for a while. This could include providing your own shelter, energy, lighting and water and sanitation. 

Supplies such as solar lights can provide you the comfort of illumination, and new models now have USB chargers so you can charge it up with the sun or through a micro USB. Luminaid’s Pack Lite Max USB is a bright idea because it’s an inflatable light. This compact, bright lantern packs down to a depth of one inch when not inflated. It’s easily squeezed into any emergency kit or kitchen drawer. Once fully charged, it can run for more than two consecutive days on low light mode. Because it’s waterproof – it makes a natural choice for use around hurricanes and floods. To order from Amazon, click image or  here. For bulk orders and/or international shipping inquiries, click here. 

Buying bottled water is a must for hurricane preparation, and now it’s also available in boxes and cans for longer storage. But if you want the ability to filter your own water, it’s good to have handy a household water purification system in case your supplies of bottled water runs it. Katadyn’s BeFree water filter lets gravity do the work while filtering out almost 100% of harmful protozoa, bacteria and organisms according to EPA standards. This ultra-durable, collapsible product makes it ideal for shipping and using in emergency preparation and relief scenarios. Cleaning is a breeze with its EZ-Clean Membrane™ that removes debris. To order from Amazon, click image below or here. For bulk orders and/or international shipping, click here. 



Communicating with loved ones and maintaining the basic business connections means having cell phones charged and ready to use. Portable solar chargers can help you stay connected in times of crisis when electricity is non-existent or unreliable.The WakaWaka Base 10 is on the cutting edge of portable solar: the ultimate all-in-one compact solar power bank for anyone who can’t – or refuses to – be off-the-grid. This system has a 10,000 mA battery and also comes with two portable LED flashlights for when you’re left in the dark. After a single day in the sun, the powerful solar bank will charge up to three devices at once or provide up to 240 hours of LED light. To order from Amazon, click image below or here. For bulk orders and/or international shipping, click here. 

If you want even more power, check out solar generators like the Goal Zero Yeti 150. It’s a good alternative to noisy, polluting diesel generators as it’s quiet and doesn’t require fuel. As a rough rule of thumb if you can charge something with a USB, it is probably an application that can be powered by a solar powered generator. Low recurring electrical loads in very remote locations are the strength of these solar generators. Goal Zero’s Yeti 150 is a non-toxic, quiet system that will keep lights, phones and laptops powered through any emergency. There are a few ways to charge this plug-and-play system. You can connect it to a compatible solar panel, plug it into a regular wall outlet or pop it into your car 12 V adapter. To order from Amazon, click image below or here. For bulk orders and/or international shipping, click here. 


Our mission at The Level Market is to make it easy for you to find the emergency preparation and disaster relief supplies you need, when you need them. Whether you’re preparing for a hurricane or responding to an earthquake, you’ll find quality, unique supplies to add to your list. Let us know how we can help! 

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