Podcast: A Sisterhood for Healthy Mothers and Babies


In this episode of 22Lightbulbs, we talk with Birthing Project USA’s Executive Director, Leseliey Rose Welch. 

“Over 10,000 healthy babies have been born in US and 13 countries to date with help of Birthing Project USA.”

“Every 2 minutes 60 women die giving birth due to lack of access to safe birth supplies.” 



02:25 –  About Birthing Project USA

03:24  – SisterFriending

04:44 – How Birthing Project began 

06:08  – Safe birth and mortality rates 

06:45 – Why mortality rates in the US going up among African American women

08:14 – What is The Underground Railroad for New Life?

10:22 – What’s a clean birth kit? 

10:58 – Mother’s Day campaign for women in Malawi

13:00- Level Giving crowdfunding campaign to provide clean birth kits to women in Malawi

14:00 – Why should donors support this cause? 

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[The podcast name 22Lightbulbs is from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders.]

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