Introducing Level Giving: Give More Than Charity

Crowd funding for nonprofits with a twist.  Yes we did that!

There’s no doubt crowd funding has become a powerful tool to launch startups of all types. When disaster after disaster took place last summer from Hurricane Harvey to Puerto Rico, there were millions in need of supplies and millions wanting to help in a concrete way. Team TLM was frustrated, infuriated and felt a bit helpless. And then we had our ah-ha moment.

With our ecommerce platform loaded up with relief supplies, why not allow nonprofits to post the supplies they’ve determined they need to help people in the form of crowdfunding campaigns. Whether the supplies are for a preparedness program, a development initiative to help those in poverty or for disaster response, crowd funding can quickly help get them deployed in a transparent and cost effective way.

By launching these campaigns on a central platform, donors can see exactly what products are being purchased, for whom, and where they’re being sent. Nonprofits are able to raise the money they need to deploy the supplies, and the donors are involved in the entire process and see their donations making a difference.

Since we had the marketplace built and approximately 70 global suppliers listing products on our site already, we just had a bit more development to do to enable many of the crowdfunding features that people are familiar with, on say, GoFundMe.

Here’s how it works: nonprofits create their campaign (includes products and campaign goal and timing), post it on our site, alert their donors, and then watch as their relief supplies are funded. We found that donors are very generous and enjoy charitable giving, but they are tired of watching their money go into a general pot, with little information on the specific use and impact their donation made. Level Giving addresses this concern by turning giving into an e-commerce purchase that the donor can make seamlessly and then track up until delivery.

We hope we built a win-win for the philanthropic world. Level Giving was built for humanitarians by humanitarians. A front row seat for those writing checks to see exactly how their money is used and what impact it makes, and a powerful new fundraising tool for nonprofits borrowed from the $35 billion crowdfunding industry. Our vision is that eventually Level Giving will become a hub for folks wanting to browse and identify causes that are near and dear to their heart and help fund some worthy campaigns! 

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