Why It Should be Global Climate Change Week Every Week

As the hurricane-generated debris continues to settle and the California wildfires continue to roar, we are left with pits in our stomach upon reading headlines: ‘deadliest’, ‘most destructive’, ‘most powerful’. These are a few of the definitive words and phrases that are used to describe the effects of climate change.

Our global climate is changing and we must act now. Global Climate Change week is gentle reminder, to the harsher days on the horizon that have the potential to wreak more havoc, more often, with less time for recovery and preparation. Brought to us by our Australian neighbors at the University of Wollongong and Australian Ethical, respectively, we are all provided with a sense of urgency for change. Originally centered around academic engagement, we at TLM, believe that it’s on each one of us, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sector, to churn from within and move away from unsustainable practices.

Our mission is to empower people within communities around the world, in hopes of providing sustainable products and solutions, leading to unprecedented growth.

As the first-mover in our industry, we understand what it takes to activate. It’s important to engage in crucial conversations regarding this pressing matter. But more importantly, it’s up to everyone from governmental organizations to NGO’s, private companies to community groups to take it a step further.

With the current assaults on climate change initiatives and the rolling back of some forward momentum, now is the time to jump to action.

How can you become involved?

Help spread the word about companies like TLM, that are not only focused on environmentally sustainable and stable practices, but are also keyed-in to creating a shared and prosperous global future. 

For organizations strictly geared towards disaster relief, ensure that you are able to provide the devastated areas with tools and resources that encourage long-term success.  

Start a climate change advocacy group in your community. Seek out others like you who want to make a positive environmental impact and join together to learn more about solar power or clean cookstoves or other environmental issues and then take action.

Learn more about other climate change initiatives around the globe. While it’s true that climate change has been dealt some political blows, there are motivated and passionate organizations doing important and impactful work to help reduce our environmental impact. 

Whatever you do, know that through your actions, you are making an impact. And know that all of us here at The Level Market will continue to work to bring clean, green, and sustainable technologies to people around the world. If we can ever help you find the products you need to support your climate change initiatives, just let us know!

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