How Peace Fights Poverty

With record numbers of displaced people and man-made and natural disasters already putting strain on the international community, 2017 has been chaotic, violent, and unpredictable.  As we head towards 2018, inching closer to our 2030 milestones, it’s important to remember peace. This unassuming noun seems to become more and more fleeting as nations around the world carry the strains of globalization. There are global growing pains around displacement, resource distribution, access to basic necessities, and heated politics, but on September 21st, it is important to observe the necessity of peace in today’s charged global landscape.

In 1981 the U.N. passed a resolution declaring the third Tuesday of September as an observance of peace. International Day of Peace was originally designed to coincide with the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, but in 2002 was designated to be observed annually on September 21st.

Fast forward to 2016. A year ago today the theme that the U.N. brought to the world’s attention focused on Sustainable Development Goals: Improving Life All Around the Globe. Water scarcity, environmental degradation, and social inequality. Inching towards alleviating these problems is the name of the game, but it takes the acts of many in joining the U.N. to break down these barriers.


“Recognizing that development and peace are interdependent is important, but understanding how to make calculated change takes vision.”


How do we strive to attain peace?

Here at TLM, peace for every single child, person, community, town, and nation in the world drives us.  Peace comes when generations of children are able to study after dark thanks to solar lights.  Peace comes when women and girls are able to stay in school or work outside the home because of access to sanitary pads.  Peace comes when families are no longer dying from drinking dirty water because they have water filters.  When these and other basic rights are secure, people can move beyond simply surviving, to thriving and engaging in the world around them. Every feature we develop, every relief item we offer, every aid buyer we help is all in pursuit of a more just world where access to basic necessities is a reality and not an ideal.  Creating an open, transparent, global marketplace where aid buyers and suppliers can connect in earnest to work towards a more just, equitable, and peaceful world is the part of our jobs we love the most.  

Observing the Day of Peace

How will you observe this day? As we continue to look forward, we invite you to pause… take a look around. See how far we’ve come as global community and celebrate these achievements; then let us recognize the problems that continue to plague us and understand that we will never stop moving towards our vision of a world where everyone has the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive.  From all of us here at TLM, we hope you stay enterprising in your pursuit of peace. 

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