World Humanitarian Day 2017

World Humanitarian Day – Civilians are #NotATarget

On August 19, we celebrated United Nations World Humanitarian Day – an event that resonates with the core of what we do at The Level Market and why.

Each year thousands of civilians – including hundreds of humanitarian aid workers – are assaulted, injured, kidnapped or killed in areas of conflict and disaster-affected communities. Humanitarian Day campaigns recognize the sacrifices made by those living and working on the “front lines” and advocate for their safety and well-being in the midst of crises.

Civilians caught in conflict are #NotATarget. This message reinforces that of the UN Security Council report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict released earlier this year, in which UN Secretary General António Guterres called for increased protection and support for aid and medical workers and other civilians.

There are many ongoing situations around the world in which civilians and those trying to help them are struggling for survival and security.  At The Level Market, we seek to help those who are serving others. Providing a marketplace that unites an assortment of people and organizations in our global humanitarian community is our avenue to creating positive change.

With the help of our 22Lightbulbs podcast and frequent blogs, we hope to create awareness about organizations and innovators big and small that are tackling the tough problems that require them to often be in these difficult situations and put themselves in harm’s way. The people behind EcoZoom, WakaWaka, and DayOne Response are all exemplary visionaries of what change looks like in our industry.  By streamlining the processes of researching, comparing and purchasing humanitarian aid supplies, we make it faster and easier to get critical aid to those in the most vulnerable situations.

We celebrate World Humanitarian Day with the hope that all those on the front lines of conflict and crisis remain safe, and a renewal of our commitment to providing an efficient and effective platform for getting them the support they need. If you are a buyer, producer or distributor of humanitarian supplies and would like to join our efforts, visit our website for more information and to get in touch.

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