Sourcing Aid Supplies: 7 Featured Case Studies from The Level Market

The Level Market Testimony

The Level Market has helped a wide variety of customers around the globe source supplies for their humanitarian programs. The following case studies illustrate just some of what The Level Market is capable of. Discover what companies like yours have to say about finding success with TLM! 

Lighting up emergency shelters

While building its signature all-in-one emergency shelter, Pallet Shelter had a bright idea: provide long-lasting solar lights inside the structures. An internet search turned up a very specific light from outside the U.S that the staff hoped to procure. A quick response through The Level Market’s (TLM) quotation feature let Pallet know that the manufacturer wasn’t able to ship to the U.S. at that time. So instead, Pallet took a recommendation from the staff at TLM and bought a sample solar light set made by Greenlight Planet. Pallet staff tested the lights and were thrilled with the results. Pallet has now sourced more lights, at a discount, through TLM. The lights will be used in more than 40 emergency shelters deployed by the city of Tacoma, Washington – and more to come!

Nothing but nets in Sierra Leone

Develop Africa, a nonprofit that works to develop meaningful and sustainable development, wanted to provide mosquito nets to the people of Sierra Leone. They submitted a volume order for Duranet mosquito nets and received such a competitive price on nets, that the organization decided to increase its initial request from 2,000 nets to 10,000.


“I am very impressed with your business model and your customer service.” James Ramey


What’s Cooking in Tanzania

A church group in Germany works closely with impoverished communities in Tanzania. The congregation wanted to purchase clean cookstoves to help reduce indoor air pollution and improve health outcomes for that community. The variety of cookstoves on The Level Market made it easy for them to find the right type of stove for the local context and it was shipped directly from the manufacturer to Tanzania.

A hospital test case

A hospital in Ohio purchased 10 units of the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor from ShiftLabs to test after reading about it on The Level Market.  Once the order was placed, the units shipped out the very next day, and the customer was able to track the package from shipment to delivery.

A nutty commencement speech

A university professor was preparing to give a commencement speech and wanted to impress upon the students the importance of creating something positive for the world. He ordered a packet of Edesia’s ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF), called Plumpy’Nut,  to help raise awareness about the global famine and as an example of an innovation that can changes lives. The ease with which he was able to use The Level Market to order the goods and communicate with the supplier prompted him to place a larger order for use in his work.

Sunsational solution for dead phones

A  businessman living in the U. S. wanted to buy solar charging units for his family members back in West Africa, for use with their mobile phones. He found a gem on The Level Market – Sunstream from Sunstream Technology. The product is a solar charging unit that streams the sun to power cell phones – made for challenging climates. After placing his first test order, he came back to order additional units because he was so happy with the process and the product.


“Thanks a million for your help with my Sunstream order. I have received my order and am very satisfied. I will be ordering some more soon. Thanks again.”  Joseph Williams


Waterproof logistics

FHI360, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that focuses on health, education & nutrition programs, had an urgent need to procure water testing kits for a program in Nigeria. Under time and budgetary constraints, the Washington DC procurement staff contacted a known UK manufacturer to inquire about price and shipping time. But because the need was so pressing, they also searched the Internet to see who else might be able to help get the kits for them faster. The search brought them to The Level Market. After a quick phone call to TLM, FHI staff were on their way to increasing their efficiency and conserving costs, along with some peace of mind. 


“You guys did a great job. You kept your fingers on the pulse the whole way.”
-Karen Basich Associate Director, Procurement for FHI360

Price of the goods, shipping cost, and realistic timeframe. TLM made these three logistical necessities a reality for FHI360. When trying to get a hold of a TLM representative, there are no hoops. We guarantee that a person will pickup on the other end of the line. Providing non-stop customer service is something that separates TLM from the rest, while allowing organizations to feel confident about  product sourcing or procurement, from start to finish.


“Prior to TLM, we had to deal with multiple vendors & negotiations, time zone issues and international banking – not to mention the difficulty in tracking everything. With TLM, we deal with one company that works round the clock on our behalf –  ultimately benefitting our bottom line and our beneficiaries.”  -Karen Basich



The Level Market is receiving orders from around the world. 

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