3 Women’s Health & Wellness Supplies For Your Humanitarian Program

Birthing Kit

Women in developing nations lack basic health care and face life-debilitating and life-threatening health issues. When it comes to providing health, it’s important to plan for all areas of wellness, including women’s reproductive health. Interest in women’s health issues began to increase in 2000 when the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDG)  aimed to eliminate sex-based disparities in health care and reducing maternal mortality (Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health.)

In the realm of aid and development, it’s vital that women affected by disaster and poverty be provided with working solutions to restore any dignity that’s been lost and empower them to maintain good health. According to the UNHCR women and girls make up around 50 percent of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population, and those who are unaccompanied, pregnant, heads of households, disabled or elderly are especially vulnerable.

At The Level Market, we have three special products in our arsenal of humanitarian aid supplies that are complete game changers for the women who receive them. Read on to learn more about our women’s health supplies including Clean Birth Kits, Female Condoms, and the Safepad.

Three Women’s Health Supplies You Should Know About

clean birth kit humanitarian suppliesJanma Clean Birth Kit:

According to The World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 250,000 women in Africa die of pregnancy-related causes each year. And of the 30 million African women who become pregnant, almost 60% give birth without assistance from an experienced attendant.   

At only $3 per unit, The Janma Clean Birth Kit is an affordable and accessible option for low-resource health facilities and women without access to professional medical care. Every kit includes gloves, soap, a blood absorbing underpad, surgical scalpel, cord clamp, and a baby wiping cloth. Each of these simple tools acts as a barrier to infection by providing one aspect of WHO’s Six Cleans.

With the Janma Clean Birth Kit, even mothers giving birth without the guidance of a skilled attendant have a better chance of staving off infection and keeping themselves and their baby safe during and after delivery.

female condom safe sex AfricaFC2 Female Condoms:

Giving women options for safe intercourse is a fundamental component of empowering them to live freely. Female condoms give women the control to protect their bodies from unwanted pregnancy and STIs including HIV and Zika.

The FC2 Female Condom is compact, easy to use, and highly effective. Because of its shape and design, women are not only internally protected, but also externally. The FC2 completely lines the vaginal canal and blocks the cervix. It also covers the woman’s external sex organs and prevents contact with the base of the penis offering her full protection. And, because it’s made of nitrile (instead of latex), it’s non-allergenic!

safe pad sanitation menstruation solutionSafepad:

Safepad provides a simple, attainable solution to a very real threat facing women and girls: illness due to unsanitary menstruation materials. In many parts of the world, menstruation is a terrible, alienating time in a girl’s life. 

Some women have little to no access to clean water; no safe, private space to care for themselves; or sanitary materials to use as a temporary liner. Instead, these women end up using whatever they can find which includes dirty fabrics, leaves, wood pulp, and other inappropriate products which leave them vulnerable to infection.

Safepad is a safe, comfortable, sanitary, and reusable alternative. What’s more, it’s treated with an extraordinary technology that gives it a permanent antimicrobial barrier and is made of earth friendly components, so it’s a win for the woman and the environment.   


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