Emergency Shelters: There’s No Place Like Home

The Level Market Emergency Shelter

With more than 60 million people displaced by internal conflict, post-disaster emergency shelters are in high demand. For those impacted by a disaster or crisis, many times there really is no place like home because there is no “home” anymore. While these shelters are a temporary solution, a good quality shelter can help life go on and enable healthy and safe living.

Shelters are structures ranging from the most temporary tent accommodation through the transitional shelter to building permanent houses and settlements and include the most basic kind of ad hoc structure. They are created in the aftermath of a conflict or natural disaster as a temporary residence for victims who have lost or abandoned their homes. 

When disaster strikes, there are a few essential needs that immediately take precedence over all others; the need for clean water, food to eat, and shelter from the elements.

We’ve talked about clean water resources and even ready-to-use food for those facing malnutrition. Meeting shelter needs in the aftermath of disasters and crises remains a major challenge for governments, humanitarian agencies and, most importantly of all, for the affected populations themselves.

Here are 5 top quality shelters that can help: 


Mobile Warehouse:mobile warehouse Emergency shelter

The 10m x 24m Mobile Warehouse is a large, open floor tent that can be assembled quickly by as few as 4-6 individuals. It’s long, flowing design makes it perfect for community living, gathering areas, schooling, or storage and it can accommodate many people at once.  

The core structure is made with aluminum piping and galvanized hardware, so it’s built to last and the outer shell is UV-resistant and fire retardant PVC fabric. The Mobile Warehouse works beautifully in both hot and cold climates and can withstand winds of up to 31 m/s (>110 km/h). There’s also a smaller, 6.5m x 8m version.



domo tent emergency shelterDomo Emergency Shelter System:
Domo shelters are in a class of their own for setup speed and versatility. These compact modular shelters
can be assembled very quickly and are built to stand on their own or connect to other Domo structures. And they’re made for longevity, even in extreme weather with a sturdy aluminum frame and rugged PVC tarpaulin floors. But the best part? Every Domo shelter comes with interchangeable accessories that allow the user to personalize their living quarters including wall elements, window elements, door elements, and vestibules.



lifeshelter humanitarian emergency shelterLifeshelter:

Lifeshelters are an emergency and transitional structures that have the durability and functionality to also work as permanent housing. The curved outer surface of Lifeshelters is made of a stiff foam insulation coated with cement plaster. It’s very sturdy and self-supporting and the lightweight materials make it easy to transport, should the need arise.

Much like the Domo System, Lifeshelters can be connected to extend the length of the shelter and create communal environments that encourage socializing and community involvement.



VIVA tent emergency shelterViva Family Tent:

Viva Family Tents are built to withstand the elements. Not only are they waterproof, rotproof, and UV-stabilized,
 they’re also fire retardant. Each tent can accommodate five people, provides an adequate living area for comfort in both hot and temperate climates, and includes two vestibules. And, the large, open living space can easily be partitioned into multiple areas.



Huggy tent emergency shelterHuggy 72-V2 Tent:

Huggy tents come in three different sizes, the 72-V2, the 42-V2, and the 24-V2. Each unit meets UNICEF standards and is waterproof, rotproof, and UV-stabilized. These tents are lightweight and easy to assemble and are complete with a rugged floor and numerous windows for natural light.

The wide-open floor plan of the Huggy Tents makes them an excellent choice for daily living as well as community space, schooling, and storage.


Explore our full range of emergency shelters and complementary supplies. For more information about disaster relief supplies, humanitarian news, and industry events, visit our blog.

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