Celebrate Earth Day with 5 Products that Make the World a Better Place

Today marks the 47th annual Earth Day. We celebrate the ability of science and technology to help protect the planet and the people on it. Join us as we review some of our favorite environmentally-friendly humanitarian aid supplies that save lives and elevate the quality of life for people all over the world.

wonderbag humanitarian suppliesWonderbag:

Lightweight, portable, innovative – there are dozens of positive attributes for this powerhouse cooker that is the Wonderbag. This little bag is a non-electric slow cooker that’s changing lives for women in rural Africa and the developing world.

In developing countries, it’s common to use a significant amount of wood and other materials to cook your food over an open flame. Because of the demand, forests are being depleted so quickly that most preservation and replanting efforts can’t keep up. And, when wood is used to cook, a large amount of smoke is created, which is harmful to health. Not to mention, the potential for burns is high, especially when you consider some of these people spend more than 8 hours over a fire. But Wonderbag is changing all of that.

With Wonderbag, households can save energy, money, resources, and time. All you have to do is bring your dish to a boil using whatever method you normally would and then place the hot pot into the Wonderbag and seal it up. Over the course of up to 12-hours, hot food will continue to cook until it’s ready to serve with zero added energy or effort. Now that’s Wonderful! 


In many parts of the world, there is no light switch or wall outlet, and burning fuel is the only resource for heat and light.

For rural areas and disaster-impacted communities, the WakaWaka solar-powered flashlight and charger is life changing. After only a few hours in sunlight, the WakaWaka can put out 150 hours of light and phone charging. It’s super portable, tough as nails, and requires no batteries. All you need is a little sunshine, and you’re on your way. And because it’s 100% solar powered clean energy, WakaWaka is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


MadiDrop:madidrop water sanitation

We’ve talked about MadiDrop before in our post about World Water Day, but a product this revolutionary can’t get enough attention. When it comes to creating affordable and effective clean water and sanitation solutions, MadiDrop is truly unique. A single ceramic tablet can provide safe drinking water to a family of five for six months.

People love it because it’s affordable and accessible and doesn’t leave any kind of taste in the water. It requires no power or batteries and almost no effort – you just set it into your 10-liter water container and wait. For lightly contaminated water the wait is only 10-hours, and for moderate or even highly-contaminated water the wait is still only 24-hours.

MadiDrop is saving peoples’ health as well. Consistent use of MadiDrops greatly reduces cases of waterborne illnesses and dysentery and helps household members stay hydrated, clean, and healthy. It’s a practical and environmentally safe answer to the water crisis affecting millions of people across the world.

sunstream solar power chargerSunstream:

Affordable, rugged, and waterproof – SunStream is a lightening fast, portable solar-powered charger. It’s expressly designed to output power as quickly as a wall plug and packs enough punch that it can handle most smartphones.

For humanitarian aid workers and crisis-affected or rural communities, access to consistent power is an everyday concern. With products like SunStream, everyone can have a sustainable energy alternative in their pocket and no matter where life takes them, they’ll have access to power. It may seem simple, but products like SunStream improve lives, reduce demand for less efficient energy sources, and provide a level of normalcy for people who already lack access to many of the luxuries we tend to take for granted.



Women and girls everywhere rejoice for solutions like the Safepad. Not only is this reusable sanitary pad lightweight and effective, but it’s also antimicrobial.

Without Safepad, women in developing countries often resort to using whatever they can to absorb menstruation. Sometimes the only materials available are leaves, wood particles, or anything else they can find laying about. Unfortunately, due to the general lack of sanitary supplies and duration of menstruation, women are left open to infection and illness every month. Not to mention feeling embarrassed or ashamed by something that’s completely out of their control.

Safepad is a truly revolutionary answer to sanitary menstruation. It’s environmentally friendly, comfortable, easy to clean, and completely free of chemicals, and it’s giving women everywhere dignity and options that they haven’t had before.

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