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22LightBulbs Stower

Andrew Byrnes discusses wireless electricity and the nexus between the humanitarian aid market and the outdoor industry. One is about survival and one is about privilege, but some of the design principles are the same. 

Stower designs and runs wireless electricity systems for individuals and homes, delivering reliable, economic, sustainable solutions to specific power needs and the people who need it most. The Candle Charger by Stower is the world’s first indoor/outdoor generator designed to reliably charge smartphones, feature phones, LEDs and other USB devices without a grid.

Andrew founded Stower in 2013 out of graduate school for materials science and engineering. He previously worked in energy venture capital; taught high school chemistry, geometry, and English; and led project development for utility-scale wind and solar projects in the US.

Stower designs simple, efficient power supplies for individuals and homes. The power is yours – get charged!


1:07 – Tell us a little about yourself
1:37 – What is Stower Energy?
2:18 – When did you launch the company?
2:36 – What is the D school?
5:05 – What is the device called and describe it?
11:18 – What was your lightbulb moment?
14:59  – Can you talk about the crossover between humanitarian uses and outdoor uses?
20:35 – Tell us about your side projects: novels, teaching, marathons.


22Lightbulbs Stower

To learn more about Stower or to view the products, check out their Supplier Page at The Level Market.

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[The podcast name 22Lightbulbs is from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders.]

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