Podcast: Mike Saunders Interviews The Level Market’s Founder

Stephanie Cox is an operator and survivor. She has a proven history leading technology and consumer goods companies in emerging markets. Having spent most of her life in the trenches, she is passionate and savvy with a generous helping of grit. Stephanie started her career as a journalist, which had her living and working in Eastern Europe.

In 2000, she joined iDE, a leader in using market-based solutions to achieve development goals. While with iDE she lived in Nepal, working with local business to commercialize appropriate technology and expanding the organization’s operations during the civil war. A diagnosis of rare cancer didn’t hold her back. As VP of Africa and Business Development at iDE HQ, she led and grew agriculture, WASH, rural energy,  and microfinance development programs In 2014, Stephanie joined a solar lighting company, Nokero International, as COO and lead its expansion into the international aid market. Her extensive time in Asia and Africa has given her a deep understanding of the needs, aspirations, and buying habits of INGOs, governments, the local private sector, and base of the pyramid customers.

Listen here as Mike Saunders interviews our Founder, Stephanie Cox. 

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