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The Level Market Sustainable Brands in Development

What better way to use the power of technology than to create solutions that save lives. Technology is on the front lines of changing the way humanitarian organizations approach the needs of the poor, conflict-affected and the vulnerable. Disaster relief, agriculture and education programs are arguably more successful today because of the advancements of technology.

Innovative Solution Guide

The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) just released its third annual guide to “Innovative Solutions That Save Lives & Support Development.”  More than 300 solutions from around the world were nominated by aid agencies, NGOs, and the United Nations. AIDF chose 60 of what it considers the best solutions to include in its annual guide and share with the world.

In the report, you’ll find mobile applications and data management tools to portable water purification treatments, solar powered energy supply and sustainable building materials for emergency shelter. The list is divided into nine categories including Disaster Resiliency & Reconstruction, Essential Aid Supplies, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare & Medical Equipment, Water & Sanitation. 

You’ll find The Level Market in the Essential Aid Supplies section of the guide. Check out the full guide here.  As a startup whose mission is to create a global marketplace for purchasing aid supplies, it’s heartening to see such a proliferation of quality solutions aimed at some of the world’s greatest problems.

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