22Lightbulbs: Search and Rescue Drones

22LightBulbs Podcast
Ivan Stamatovski, founder of Easy Aerial ,talks about search and rescue drones as “zero responders.” Ivan is a digital strategist, entrepreneur and tech aficionado, designer of flying robots. His company, Easy Aerial, provides industry specific, custom aerial solutions. 

Search and Rescue Drones

With eyes in the sky, drones are changing the nature of search and rescue missions as they arrive on the scene before any boots on the ground, and provide real-time data while taking humans out of harm’s way. Join us and hear about the technology and the application of drones in humanitarian aid, firefighting and search and rescue.

“This is where drones are crucial. . .
protecting people.”

01:06 – What is Easy Aerial and how did it come about?
04:42 – Tell is us more about the drones autonomous abilities.
08:05  – What are some examples of how the drones are used in data gathering?
10:40 – What’s been some of the biggest hurdles bringing this to market?  
12:35  – The financial benefits of drones
13:32  – What are the components to this drone?
15:34 – Where do you go from here?
16:30 – What other problem would you like to solve right now?
[The podcast name 22Lightbulbs is from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders.]
22LightBulbs Podcast
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