World Water Day: Water Tablets, Filters, Bags and Buckets

World Water Day
There are hundreds of pivotal needs that humanitarian aid suppliers struggle to fill every day. At the top of the list is making sure our planet’s most vulnerable have clean drinking water.

You may know that one in eight people worldwide does not have access to clean water. Or that 4,000 children (yes, 4,000) die every day from water-related illnesses. But even for the most seasoned humanitarian, those numbers can be startling. In 2015 the UN Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda, a universal program that has set – among other goals – a target for ensuring the availability, sustainable management, and sanitation of water for everyone by 2030.

As we collectively work towards the goal of universal access to clean water, we thought we’d take today, World Water Day, to highlight some of our water suppliers and their innovative, lifesaving products.

Clean Water Supplies You Should Know About


The MadiDrop is a compact and lightweight ceramic tablet that releases silver ions to disinfect contaminated water. It’s most effective when used in approximately 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of water. It can purify 2.5 gallons of pre-treated or minimally contaminated water within 10 hours and highly contaminated water within 24 hours. The tablet is inexpensive, reusable, and remains effective for about six months.

Javel Aqua Disinfection Tablets:

These water soluble tablets eliminate microorganisms in water and can help prevent potential gastric problems related to ingesting contaminated water. Their purification properties have been confirmed, they’re lightweight, and they have a 5-year shelf life.  

Lifewell Water Bag and Filter:

We love the bag and filter solutions for their portability and all-in-one designs. The lightweight Lifewell 2.5 gallon (10 liters) water bag includes a quick-fill intake valve for collection, a handle for portability, and a hollow fiber UF filter that removes 99.9999% of all bacteria from contaminated water.

DayOne Water Bag:

This 2.5-gallon (10 liters) water bag offers a family-sized water purification solution. The highly portable design includes an integrated filter and backpack straps. This unit is lightweight and makes collection, transportation, treatment, and storage of water manageable. DayOne includes 60 P&G water purifying packets that will treat 2.5 gallons (a full backpack) in only 30 minutes with your initial purchase.

Tulip Table Top Water Filter:

The Tulip is a two-container water filter and storage solution that will eliminate 99.995% of bacteria, more than 99.995% of parasites, and 99% of turbidity from contaminated water. The filter element is treated with nanosilver to deter algae growth and prevent recontamination of filtered water. This unit also includes a carbon filter to improve the taste and look of the treated water. The candle filter is replaceable and will decontaminate 1849 gallons of water.

EcoFiltro Virgin Plastic Water Filtering Bucket:

This 5-gallon virgin plastic bucket is designed to hold the EcoFiltro ceramic water filter in place. The filter will purify .25 – .5 a gallon (1-2 liters) of water per hour. Ceramic filters have been found effective at removing bacteria and large protozoans, but not viruses. The filter unit must be replaced every two years.

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