22Lightbulbs: Modular Flooring for Refugees

Scott Austin Key CEO and Co-Founder of Good Works Studio, a social company founded by two students at Rice University that’s created modular flooring for refugees. Good Works Studio believes in the power of design to innovate and are using it in creative ways. Scott has spent a significant amount of time in refugee camps in the Middle East and is passionate about possibilities for low-cost, cleverly conceived products can have to alleviate suffering for these families. Good Works Studio plans to release its next product in 2017.

In this episode, he discusses architecture from the ground up and how his insulated modular flooring is changing the quality of life for refugees in Lebanon. 




06:10 – What was your lightbulb moment?
07:25 – What awards have you gotten for this?
08:15 – Can you visually describe your product?
09:20 – Is it comfortable?
09:59 – Is it easy to ship?
10:26 – Where are you manufacturing these?
10:57 – How is the pilot going?
12:18 – Was the change in fuel use for refugees an unexpected outcome?
14:09 – Are you traveling to these locations to install?
15:50 – What is it like to be in a refugee camp?
18:54 – What is one other problem you’d like to solve?

“It’s an insulated floor –  and because of this – families don’t have to use their fuel as much. They’ve been able to save money and spend it on more food than they have in past winters.”


[The podcast name 22Lightbulbs is from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders.]

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