22Lightbulbs: IV Infusion Rate Monitor for Rural Clinics

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Beth Kolko is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle-based company Shift Labs. The company creates simple and affordable medical devices, such as the Dripassist Infusion Rate Monitor, for rapidly growing healthcare systems, such as rural medical clinics, that are in rugged environments and lack infrastructure.

Beth is an entrepreneur, researcher, and educator, who blends disciplinary perspectives to identify hidden problems and craft innovative solutions. She began her career as a professor in the humanities, studying how diverse communities used used the Internet to organize and enact change.  After a decade building prototypes of low-cost medical devices, she launched Shift Labs to build simple, affordable devices to meet growing needs in austere healthcare environments.

In this episode, Beth talks about how designing appropriate, human-centered products opened up new markets she didn’t expect.


“ If you build something that is simple, affordable and versatile and really solves a problem, people all over the world will want to buy it.” 

00:38 – Who is Beth Kolko?
01:07 – What is Shift Labs?
02:46 – When was your lightbulb moment?
06:08 – What was switching from academia to a startup like for you?
10:52 – Where you one of the few companies in Y Combinator with a social angle?
12:27 – What is this product you thought you could create and bring to market?
16:03 – How did you build this product and get it to the field?
20:25 – Is there another problem you are dying to solve?
[The podcast name 22Lightbulbs is from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders.]
22LightBulbs Podcast

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