Diginomica: The Level Market is Tech for Social Good

Technology For Good

Reporter Cath Everett from Diginomica examines how technology is being used for social good around the world. She highlights three companies that are doing it right including The Level Market. Check it out below.

Set up in 2008 by Nominet, the official registry for UK internet domain names, the Nominet Trust has since invested more than £25 million into projects that employ digital tech to bring about positive social change. Each year, it also produces a list of its top 100 most inspiring innovations, such as the work done at The Level Market. 

After years of working in international aid and related fields, Stephanie Cox noticed that workers always came up against the same “pain points” when disaster struck – where to get hold of quality supplies quickly and at a reasonable price.

But her “aha moment” came during the ebola crisis in 2014. An officer in Sierra Leone told her that they had run out of household water filters so she started ringing people who she thought might be able to help. The issue was that there was no comprehensive list or centralised resource available to assist in locating them. From this realisation came The Level Market. Cox says:

But I ended up smacking my head with my hand. That morning I’d ordered shoes for my nine year-old on Amazon and it occurred to me that there was no similar kind of marketplace that meets these basic needs. You could purchase a lego set more quickly than clean drinking water in Sierre Leone.

At that point, Cox was running a consultancy business but started working on developing her own online, transactional marketplace at weekends and evenings, devising not only the business strategy but also learning about tech. She persuaded her father to invest and also found a select group of business angels via a Meetup group of tech company founders in Colorado, who put her in touch with trusted offshore developers.

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