22Lightbulbs: A Podcast about Humanitarian Entrepreneurs and Their Products


Where did the name 22Lightbulbs come from?

22LightBulbs PodcastThe name 22Lightbulbs is derived from Chinese numerology where the number 22 serves as the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders. These builders and leaders are usually visionaries with their feet strongly grounded. They love world peace, are unconventional in actions and thought, are full of ideas and are very ambitious. It was fitting to call our podcast “22Lightbulbs”, as we work with so many of these people and want to inspire more to be strongly grounded and to build and lead.

Each week, Stephanie Cox, the founder, and CEO of The Level Market, interviews master builders who are creating humanitarian products and technology that help people survive and thrive. You’ll learn about their lightbulb moments, visions and actions to make the world a brighter place. 


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