Humanitarian Aid Conferences Not to Miss in 2017

Whether you’re looking to network with other aid actors, learn about new technologies or approaches, or connect with old (‘been around a while) colleagues, these essential humanitarian aid conferences are surely something to mark on your calendar. Not sure where to spend your travel dollars? We’ve attended quite a few – but have also done some research and snooping around for you. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, we’re highlighting the not-to-miss ones.

Check out which humanitarian aid conferences are coming up in 2017.

If we’ve missed any goodies, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.


Action on Disaster Relief

Jan 24 – 26th


(Would love to hear from those of you who were there! What did you think of it?)


Social Capital

Feb 28 – March 2

Alexandria, VA

Conference for growing strategic partnerships between non-profit and corporate worlds. A timely one and oh so cool! 



March 21 – 23 


A classic. Huge halls filled with suppliers from around the world marketing their new products or tried and true staples in aid. On top of it, Dubai is something to see!


International Development Conference

April 2


Get your academic thinking caps on – time to explore what’s worked and what’s new in international development.

World Congress on Public Health

April 3 – 7


Want to talk public health, mate? This is a heavy one, but not to be missed if you are in the health sector.

Skoll World Forum

April  4 – 7


The bees knees. And while you’re there, you can drop in on our Oxfam friends 🙂 Just pray the trains are running!

Global Health and Innovation

April 22 -23

New Haven, CT

One of the largest. And as CNN said, “A meeting of the minds.” Hopefully it’s mind-blowing this year. No pressure.

MIT Scaling Development Ventures

April 28

Cambridge, MA

As you probably know, MIT is doing a lot on the aid front – at least behind the scenes. If you have a venture or social enterprise you want to take to scale, don’t miss this! And say hello to our friend, Bob at D-lab!



May 15 – 18

Houston, TX

Get your belt buckles on and giddy up! We were there in New Orleans and it’s inspiring to be in rooms full of dedicated volunteers who respond to crisis and disaster all over the world.



June 20 -22

Washington, DC

The largest gathering of organizations living on a shoestring. Workshops, awards and mingling galore among different sectors.


(yeah, everyone’s on home leave July and August!)

9th Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit.

Sept 6-7

Washington, DC

Good seminars and break out sessions. Last year’s disaster simulation was probably the highlight. Few suppliers, so more could definitely attend to market their wares.



Nov 15 – 16 


Aside from the likely dreary weather and less -than-optimal expo hall, there’s a great turn out of suppliers and procurement officers. Pack a lunch. No joke. 


World Humanitarian Summit

If you’re looking for a big UN-type of event, here ya go. Make some commitments, create initiatives and shake some hands!

Star Tides  

Great opportunity to demo your tech to US government, other inventors and field operators.

Washington, DC


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