The Level Market’s LightBulb Moment | A Video From Our Founder

In 2015, The Level Market began building a one-stop-shop for aid & development products that could meet humanity’s needs. The once difficult nature of researching, locating and purchasing life-saving products was made easy by The Level Market.

“I was trying to compare a bunch of different units and I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t find prices, I couldn’t find reviews. I couldn’t find specs on any of these units. And I even tried Amazon and Alibaba!” – Stephanie Cox, TLM Founder, and CEO.

From anywhere in the world you can log in to our site, search for the products you need, send multiple quotes at once, compare products side-by-side or save products to view later or have a purchasing agent buy at headquarters. Any time, any place you can find the supplies you need for your organization to help people with the greatest needs.

The Level Market’s goal is to bring the Diaster Relief and Aid Industries into the 21st century by using technology developed in Silicon Valley. By improving the industry’s tech and connecting with buyers and suppliers from all over the world, we can once and for all level the market.

Learn more about the “A-ha Moment” that inspired The Level Market. 

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