Energy Tech on the Front Lines

Humanitarian Technology

When we get the low battery warnings on our phone or experience a power outage, that’s about the closest we come to experiencing energy poverty that affects 1.4 billion people today.  Fortunately, there are many powerhouses working to make sure that everyone has access to energy:  from the GACC,  U.N. Foundation to Bill Gates and Lighting Global, to the 25 companies listing energy products on The Level Market!  

The path of progress hasn’t taken a straight line, but somewhere along the way, energy products began to take hold. We couldn’t be more proud that the earliest adopters for our Amazon-style e-commerce platform for aid were the innovators behind solar lights, phone chargers, cookstoves and efficient portable generators. 

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on our partners committed to supplying tools to the developing world that will provide connectivity, better healthcare, education tools, clean cookstoves. Let’s get energy tech to the front lines now. They are as essential as food, water, and shelter.


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