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As The Level Market’s launch nears (June 14th), I took a moment to reflect on what this past year has meant to our team. With a dream that one day, buying water filtration units for a school in Ethiopia could be as simple as buying books on Amazon, we set out on a journey to build a platform that not only matched the needs of aid buyers but also provided newfound sales channels for humanitarian manufacturers. Our finished project is ready to be unveiled and we’re pinching ourselves. Creating the site was accomplished with help from every corner of the world – from Silicon Valley to Pakistan, generous consultants, a measure of intuition and a LOT of determination.

As aid workers ourselves, we experienced so much frustration when we searched for necessary products following disasters and for development work. We observed the emergence of marketplaces for every other industry, but sadly not for ours. So we left our humanitarian posts to build the next Amazon for aid. Little did we know when we started how enormous the industry really is. So we designed the site for scale, we took into consideration every type of aid buyer and every type of aid product. After setting up for eCommerce, we discovered that we needed to build a quote function from scratch since nothing existed that would meet current needs. After receiving high praise from several prominent NGOs like Mercy Corps, which helped test our platform, the site is ready to go.

We felt overwhelming support along the way. Cheers from many frustrated aid buyers and suppliers, kudos from marketplace gurus who wonder why this industry was largely ignored, and we’ll be getting tweets with followers in the millions on launch day from groups that said: Yes!, the world needs to know about The Level Market.

That dream of easy access to filtration units for kids in Africa and around the globe is becoming a reality. We invite all those in the aid universe to check out The Level Market on June 14th. List your products or put in a quote. At long last, eCommerce will be serving humanity.

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