A Little Wild

A wild idea

Working in aid and development is a little wild. Starting a business is a little wild. And participating in this year’s 2016 WILD Summit was, well, wild!

Congrats to the CU Women’s Council for a spectacular conference on impact and leadership! Our CEO, Stephanie Cox,  was honored to be included as a panelist. 

Did you know that the definition of wild is “living and growing in your natural environment?” We created TLM so that suppliers can thrive in their natural environment – surrounded by a supportive TLM team who want you to succeed and buyers who are cheering your innovations on!

We know what it’s like to start a business in this wild global environment. Here are 5 things that can help you thrive on TLM:
– Ask for help.
– Share your knowledge.
– Refer others and you’ll get referred.
– Keep your listing fresh and up to date.
– Give us feedback! We’re so approachable!

And if you’re having a little trouble here or in life, the best piece of advice I heard at the Wild Summit was when speaker Khalida Brohi founder of the Sughar Foundation passed on wisdom from her dad, “Shhh, don’t cry my daughter. Strategize.”

Now that’s wild.





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