Heels in the Mud

Being a woman-led organization makes us no different than any other company. Or does it? I often use the term “heels in the mud” to describe a woman’s experience in development versus a mans “boots on the ground.” And by this I mean, we DO walk in different shoes. We DO have different perspectives. We DO have different approaches to running companies. In the eight months since creating The Level Market, I’ve noticed some distinct differences of my approach then my male CEO colleagues. For starters, I lead with my head AND heart. Yes, this is entirely possible. My passion and compassion don’t get in the way of making good decisions, they help me lead TO good decisions. The other day, my business partner, Cheryl, and I were marveling at the fact we haven’t entirely screwed anything up yet. And the only logical reason for that, we pondered, was because we have sought out expert advice all along the way. We don’t think we know it all. In fact, we know we don’t know it all.  Instead of this being a weakness, we find strength in our network and connections to help guide us and inform us. We aren’t afraid of asking for directions. And so when pioneering a new approach to procurement in development and aid, the fearlessness of asking for advice and seeking feedback is perhaps a female attribute that is helping us succeed and keep our heels firmly rooted in the mud while reaching for the stars.

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