AIDF – A Heavy Room

Sitting in a room of humanitarians during the recent Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF), the weight of the air in the room seemed to shift from light to heavy as the first speaker started. We weren’t there for any other reason but to figure out ways that we could together tackle the daunting problems that face humanity. Even though what was  being presented could make anyone want to throw their hands up and run out of room – it was heavy stuff – but we stayed. Looking around, it was easy to recognize all the heroes – from a nonprofit shadow security group to front-line field workers to innovators toiling in their garages trying to address the latest needs. We all want to do our part and do it in a way that does the industry justice. And while there are often times where everyone competes for few resources and some get elbowed and bruised among all the jostling, there is a certain stickiness to the heaviness that keeps us all together. It’s our promise to the industry that The Level Market will do everything it can to be part of that glue.


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