A Migrant’s Essentials

On August 25th, the New York Times wrote a compelling piece about the refugees flooding into the Balkans:  A 21st Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Water, Smartphone. (Never mind that the media is getting migrant confused with refugee.) We’re not sure what else could be more motivating to an innovator than the call to action to create a new product to help humanity – and in this case – for deployment in the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. But once developed, where is an entrepreneur to go to say to the AID world, “Here – I did it! I created a solar cell phone charger that will help these people stay in touch with their families without the need for electrical outlets!” Sadly, their voices aren’t heard and their innovations start to gather dust. Entrepreneurs have been innovating fast and furious over the past decade to respond to crises such as this, but few new products are making it into the hands of people who need them – despite price points often dropping and efficiencies improving. Enough is enough. It’s time for The Level Market.  And we’re moving fast and furious to be there to help.

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