E-commerce World

It’s undeniable that we live in e-commerce in the developed world. To travel, we book tickets online. To find a hotel, we compare online to find best prices. To find a good restaurant, we go online and read reviews. To even find help caring for our kids, we can head to the Internet.  But in humanitarian aid, we step out of that world and rely on slow, opaque, conventional systems of procurement that have been around for decades. Why – at a time when there is a human imperative to operate efficiently and get quality products to people as soon as possible – do we do this? It’s because nothing existed to solve the pain until now.  It’s a complicated, expensive endeavor. But we believe that e-commerce for aid is a game changer, so we are building a powerful, breakthrough solution.  We believe in value for money, so we are maximizing the benefit of our solution for all users. We don’t believe in cutting corners, so we are taking our time and being specific and incremental in developing our solution. So stay tuned. Connect with us. Tell us what you want and what you think!