What We Confirmed and Learned

The aim of The Level Market’s work right now is to build a site iteratively and incrementally with our customers. And to do so, we needed to go to them (and will continue to do so). We spent much of the time in Haiti talking to buyers.  Thank you, Kevin Novotny, Save the Children; Jean-Philippe Marcoux and Jessica Pearl, Mercy Corp; Mark Bent, American LightWorks; John Hasse, World Vision; and LaTavia Desmarais at Earth Spark, among others, for your very valuable input!
What did we confirm?
#1: Humanitarian procurement is excruciatingly slow.
#2 Aid organizations are increasingly frustrated with the quality of products delivered to the field.
#3: There is a lack of ability to review products and make comparisons in this space.
#4: Finding manufacturers of appropriate products is difficult and time-consuming.
What did we learn? 
One of the biggest takeaways is that the more we can help organizations vet manufacturers and their compliance with certain standards and bodies, the faster buyers can and will make decisions. So the team is hard at work customizing the site so that we can give buyers more peace of mind as they search for life-saving products during times of great need, pressure, and urgency.
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